About Jon Sachs, Photographer

Jon Sachs

Jon Sachs has been a commerical photographer for decades, handling a wide variety of projects.

While he has a powerful array of lighting equipment, his specialty is getting great results with available, natural light.

Working with natural light means there is no need to lug heavy lighting equipment to location, no strobes popping to distract people at events.

Jon is able to find the right light in almost any situation, making skillful use of today’s high ISO camera’s ability to shoot in low light.

He can disappear in a meeting working with nearly silent Canon 5D III and get photos with the right expressions and the right light and hardly be noticed.

He has taught photography, given workshops, judged countless photography contests. He even created his own photography teaching website, www.photomatters.org.


Photography Books by Jon Sachs

mit music by jon sachs

Jon’s book of images of music at MIT became the basis for an MIT publication used for outreach about the extensive music program. The MIT book was used for fund raising and outreach for attracting students with strong interests in music.


Mary Cummings Park by Jon Sachs

The Friends of Mary Cummings Park published a book of Jon’s photographs as an outreach and fund raising tool. 

Jon’s book, Dave’s Old Truck Rescue, documents the efforts by one man in Washington state to save a group of over 50 old trucks, simply because he felt they are part of American history.