Photography Client Profiles


MIT School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

The largest school at MIT has a constant need for photos of award winners, new faculty, guest speakers, events, classroom activities, and head shots. I handle many of their wide ranging needs.  See their website at

Essential Partners

They facilitate structured meetings that “foster respect and affection where once we had seen an adversary.” I document periodic sessions and also handle staff headshots. Learn more about this remarkable company at

Gallery System

Gallery System sells a leading art hanging system for galleries, companies, institutions and homes. They have a regular need for images of their systems in use. Visit them at Gallery System.

KMA Access

KMA is a leader in access consulting. They need photos of staff at work in the field, leading workshops, and headshots. See my photos throughout their website at

American Cancer Society

I photographed a major gold fund raiser at The Country Club in Brookline, including many Red Sox officials and retired pitcher Tim Wakefield. Visit the American Cancer Society.

Latino STEM Alliance

These dedicated people need photos of their students learning at after-school programs and in robotics competitions. Learn more at Latino STEM Alliance.

LWDA Architects

This firm leads the way in designing environments for our aging population. I take images to document how people experience their buildings. Visit LWDA.

MIT Music

MIT students and faculty are a very musically educated group so the music program is wide and deep. I regularly provide them with photos of practice, concerts,  classes, playing, and learning. Visit Music & Theater at MIT.

Brodeur Partners

Brodeur Partners is today’s version of a PR firm. They help to shape their clients entire approach to presenting themselves to the world. These portraits were taken nearly a decade ago, but many are still the photo of record for staff members! Visit Brodeur Partners.

AHA Engineers

AHA is a civil engineering firm. They needed portraits of all major staff members for proposals and their website. AHA Engineers.

Chapman Design / Construction

Chapman is a leading construction firm with a top notch reputation for sustainable, responsible building practices. Visit Chapman.

Rosie's Place

Rosie’s Place is the famed instituion that first brought the plight of homeless women into view, and still provides these women and their children with a range of solutions. I have taken photos of programs including lunch, literacy classes, medical visits, and counseling.  Visit Rosie’s Place.