John Brodeur, Founder of Brodeur Partners

“Jon Sachs knows how to work with people to get the right expression with the minimum of fuss. He is fast, efficient and produces terrific photos. He ran his own business for years and he understands that you also have a business to run.”

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Emily Hiestand, Director of Communications, MIT School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

“Jon Sachs has taken the photos of nearly every member of our Dean’s office, along with hundreds of other members of the MIT community. He also gets photos we need of events, awards, concerts, and classroom activities.”

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Bill Mount, Marketing Guru

“Based on my experience, Jon Sachs’ talent at portraiture may actually be boundless. I’ve been Jon’s client on multiple projects during which he’s shot photos of other people and photos of me. He’s shot indoors, outdoors, day and night. He’s shot people in front of beautifully lit backgrounds and he’s shot people moving fast with the Boston waterfront as a backdrop. In every scenario, Jon’s subjects always come off looking competent, professional, and, most important of all, like their very best selves.”

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Ron Orner, President of Gallery System

“Jon has photographed us working with our gallery art hanging system, along with all of our parts, many of our customer galleries, along with endless “how-to” photos of our products. He understands how things work and how they need to be photographed so you don’t have to lead him by the hand throughout the process.”

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Ross Greene, Founder of Lives in the Balance

“Whether taking a portrait or getting candid photos of people practicing my Collaborative & Proactive Solutions approach, Jon achieves great results without creating stress for his subjects. He is able to balance the need for good results with the equal need to treat people of all types with respect.”

Learn about Lives in the Balance, the face of Ross Greene’s efforts to rescue children in behavioral trouble worldwide.

Nancy Schön, Sculptor

“Jon can attend an opening and take wonderful photos while people barely notice they are being photographed. There is no subject he has not been able to photograph for me, from tiny jewelry to large public sculptures.”

Visit www.schon.com to see not only her famous ducklings sculpture, but a host of other works.