Book Your Portrait Session

jon sachs photographer

Contact me at to book a time for your headshot. Give me a phone number and we can talk about what style of portrait you are looking for.

Portrait sessions can last from half hour quick sessions to extended three hour sessions with changes of lighting, background and clothing. It is entirely up to you. Select the length of time from the rows below, after that you will select a date and time that works for you.

Three options: you can bring your own stylist and/or make person; you can ask me to connect you with one I know; you can go ahead without either. I can make most people look great “as is”.

I work with the camera tethered to a computer, so we can review each photo or sequence of photos on a large screen and decide if the lighting, angles, and pose are working.

I keep some after hours and Saturday slots available, but if you need a late or weekend time slot that doesn’t show, contact me.

Note that for each hour of photography I set aside an hour for post-processing, to retouch images as needed, plus back up your images in two locations.

Typically, you would get 3 distinct options from a half hour session, 5 or 6 from an hour session, 10 or 12 from a two-hour session and 15 or more from a three-hour session.

Normally, the files are ready by the next morning or later the same day, unless there is a great deal of retouching required.

I supply full-size JPEG files which are large enough for most print purposes and much larger than needed for web use. I can also supply a set of smaller web-size images.

One optional extra is having me artfully add your name and/or other info to a selected image. This adds $20.

The other option is having me make a color print of a selected image. This add $10.

I am set up at my home studio at 12 Oxbow Lane in Burlington, MA, but we can also arrange for a session at your location. I often set up an client site and take photos of many staff members in one day.

We can easily accommodate up to four people in our headshot set up. For more people, we would rent a studio space.