MIT People

MIT In Pictures

Over the last two decades I have photographed a wide of people and events at MIT. Here are examples of some of the over 10,000 images I have taken.

While I have complete studio lighting equipment my first thought is usually to photograph with existing lighting which is quicker and gives a natural look. 

For parties I often set up seamless background paper and studio strobes to capture people posing in costume and with props.

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Informal portraits taken with available light.

Listening: Students in Class

Students absorbed in learning, photographed quietly from the side of the room.


I capture all sorts of classes, from lectures to dancing.


Precious moments of humor and laughter captured in classes.


The hand gestures that accompany engaging lectures.


Scenes of the extraordinary musical life of the campus.


Lectures, graduation, ceremonies; all of the events that punctuate campus life.


Catching planned and unplanned moments at parties of all kinds.


Glimpses of powerful theater works in rehearsal and in performance.