Event Photography

Event Photography in the Digital Age

Today’s camera’s can take natural light photographs in remarkably low light, which opens up new ways to work.

With one or two cameras, we can now take wide angle shots of entire events, while also picking out faces in the crowd with telephoto lenses.

In many situations, subjects may not even know their photo was taken as we shoot from across the room. 

Our cameras are nearly silent, allowing us to shoot in quiet concerts or serious board meetings.

And few groups can resist it when we lie on our back with a fisheye lens and ask the group to form a circle.


What Sorts of Events?

We have covered events including:

  • graduations
  • reunions
  • concerts
  • rehearsals
  • fund raisers
  • award ceremonies
  • plays
  • meetings
  • classes and workshops

    and everyday people doing their jobs and living their lives, where photos are needed.